There are a million women’s planners out there, and picking just the right one to fit your needs is an enormously personal choice. Every woman I know is looking for that perfect vibe, layout, size, and (perfectly ecologically responsible) daily planner because it’s THAT TIME OF YEAR. Some of us are able to manage with our Google Calendars, and though I love mine and rely heavily on it with my team because of its beautiful integrations, it just can’t really handle the number of tasks I have in all the different areas of my life.

And because of this, I have always used two other planners: a personal paper planner for tasks and notes, and a dry-erase calendar in our kitchen “Command Center”.

And since I’ve never really been satisfied with the planners I’ve had, I’m in the process of gradually creating a women’s planner for all the busy women that are holding our families, businesses, and communities together. (More on this another day!)

For now, here are my recommendations if you’re on the hunt for a planner for yourself.

For the GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Girl

women's planner - Live OutrageouslyGoal Crazy Planner 90-Day Planner

Goal Crazy planners have been my go-to planner for the last year and a half. When I found that a Mommy calendar wasn’t going to cut it for an entrepreneurial life, and that a white board calendar couldn’t help me organize the sticky notes taking over my office… THIS is the lovely planner I turned to.

women's Planner - Goal Crazy - Live Outrageously

You want a tool that will keep you organized, motivated and help you achieve your personal and professional goals? This one is for you.

What I Love

  • Includes some abbreviated coaching exercises in the front of the book that are shorter versions of exercises I give my clients – Wheel of Life, goal setting, etc.
  • Undated format, so you can start any time
  • Beautiful hardbound cover that lays flat, has three bookmarks (to mark monthly, weekly, and daily sections)
  • Monthly habit bookmark
  • Fits in your purse easily
  • Love the monthly calendar with goal list in the margin – helps you allocate tasks out over a month rather than scheduling too much all at once and getting overwhelmed
  • Tons of room for personal reflection every day – a great way to combine your planner and your journal into one book.

What Could Use Some Work

  • I never want to throw this away. It’s a gorgeous book that feels a bit like a diary. However, it IS bulky and takes up a ton of space… especially when you have four of these on your shelf for each year.
  • Doesn’t have a great spot for meal planning, groceries, day-to-day lists.

For the Sophisticated Woman

Gallery Leather Personalized 18-Month Family Planner

I absolutely adore the feel of beautiful paper and the smell of genuine leather, so the 18-Month Family Planner from Gallery Leather was my planner from about 2005 to 2020. Despite my being a busy mompreneur during those years, I was able to keep myself organized because of the brilliant appointment book layout and tear off lists in the back of the book.

Like the Goal Crazy planner, these aren’t books you’ll want to recycle, but they are super thin and you only need one per year.

What I Love

  • An elegant planner that you can personalize with your monogram
  • Choose your cover type – lots of different colors and finishes
  • Gilded edges and creamy, gorgeous paper that holds up to nicer pens
  • Tear-off lists in the back make grocery shopping super simple
  • Looks incredibly professional

What Could Use Some Work

  • No room for daily thoughts or big task lists, though you can get a different format that has more room for this. This is part of why I switched to the Goal Crazy Planner.
  • Monthly calendars are simply dates, no space for writing or planning
  • Feels like a book you should keep, but doesn’t have a journal feel because of the lack of space. I still have all of mine, but they don’t serve much purpose now that I’m done with them.

For the Creative Spirit

Artist of Life 2023 Workbook

Let’s be honest – some of us need to flow and let our creativity run the show. We need to zoom out and think about themes for our year, our months, weeks, what our priorities are, and how our creative energy can contribute to building a healthier, happier life.

This book is less of a traditional daily women’s planner, instead it is a workbook that guides you to clarity around what direction you want your life to head. A beautiful, ecologically responsible book, the cover is vegan leather and it is printed using FSC-certified 100 GSM mix paper and natural soybean ink.

If you’re looking for a lovely gift for yourself to start 2023 off well, give yourself this gorgeous hard cover workbook and awaken that creative spirit!

What I Love

  • Includes some coaching exercises that I actually give my coaching clients – 100 things to do in 2023, Wheel of Life, mindset refresh, goal setting, etc.
  • Comes with a complimentary digital copy of the workbook
  • Shipped in recycled packaging
  • Environmentally responsible paper and ink production
  • Journal prompts, plus lots of room for doodling, journaling, and more

What Could Use Some Work

  • Definitely not a daily planner that’s focused on tasks. If you want a little more structure but love the vibe of Lavendaire, check out their Weekly Reset Planner instead.

For the Hogwarts Lover

Planner for a Magical 2023 (Spiral Coloring Book)

This one is perfect for those of you who love the moon, living seasonally, and checking your horoscope. The amount of useful information in this fun coloring-book-style planner is amazing! While I don’t use this for my daily planner, I DO use it for reference. It’s a reminder to me that my own cycles are important when planning retreats, workshops, and big events.

If you want a fun, informative, and witchy women’s planner, this one is for you. Want to know that Mercury is in retrograde? Curious when the full moon is coming? Love to doodle and color? Check. Check. Check.

What I Love

  • Absolutely adore the front matter, where you’ll find the Wheel of the Year, explanations of moon phases, and a solid explanation of astrology if you’re new to its concepts
  • The spiral binding (do NOT love the paperback version)
  • Empowering monthly highlights that focus on different areas of life at appropriate times of the year
  • The meanings and use of flowers, herbs, crystals, etc. are peppered throughout the pages
  • Spells, magic, and the metaphysical are definitely the focus of this fun women’s planner

What Could Use Some Work

  • If coloring isn’t for you or you are going to get stressed out because you can’t keep up with coloring every week, consider purchasing the full color version that is new in 2023.
  • Needs more room to write on each day. There are only a few lines, so if you need a bigger daily planning space, this one might be a challenge for you. Not really enough room to write more than three tasks or appointments on any given day.

For the Earth Empress

Karst Tree-Free Stone Paper 2023 Daily Planner Set

In today’s age of sustainable responsibility and conscientious stewardship of our planet, I swear that I’ve tried switching to a more digital planner.

I failed. I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes people just need paper beneath our fingertips.

Enter Karst Daily Planners! Karst paper is made from calcium carbonate, which is repurposed construction waste (aka dust). It is completely waterproof, friction-free, and tree-free. If you do have to dispose of your Karst notebook, have no fear; they are recyclable. (They recommend putting them in your Type 2 stream.)

Because Karst paper is made without all the work of processing trees and creating pulp, the company also saves on energy and thousands of gallons of water usage.

Though this planner is REALLY plain and simple, it definitely checks ALL the boxes for those of you who are earth-loving empresses who want to make a difference.

What I Love

  • Bleed-free, friction free paper made of calcium carbonite
  • The sleek double set and slip cover, each volume holding six months
  • Monthly themes like Strengthen Habits, Live Simply, Create Vision and Practice Gratitude
  • Daily inspirational quotes
  • Goal setting and mindfulness practices built into each daily page
  • Fits in your purse

What Could Use Some Work:

  • The simplicity of the layout definitely leaves plenty of freedom, but some people might prefer a little more structure
  • More color options would be exciting, though you can get a weekly version of this calendar or their Praxis journal set that come in different hues

Which women’s planner is for you?

As you approach the new year with a fresh start, consider nabbing one of these gorgeous women’s planners to help make your day-to-day productivity, life direction, and personal clarity a little easier.

I always want to discover that perfectly elusive planner, so please share your favorites below! Which do you use? What is your favorite women’s planner? Why do you love it? Here’s to working on our personal growth, day-to-day organization, and fulfillment in 2023!

Lady Grey 💋💋

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