Are you a woman who feels like leadership is not something that’s in the cards for you because you are not in a position of authority? Are you someone who has been conditioned not to want to lead by taking charge and speaking up? Why?

Maybe because you’ve been told it’s not ‘ladylike’ or that it’s a man’s domain, or maybe even that you don’t have the experience. Or perhaps you’ve been in a situation where the environment wasn’t conducive to leadership. Maybe you’re afraid of what it will mean for your relationships or that you won’t be able to handle the pressure.

Leadership is not only reserved for those in positions of power and authority.

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Leadership can come from anyone and everyone, no matter their gender or position. Women do not have to be the ‘boss’ to lead, although that traditional structure of positional authority remains dominant in many corporate structures and organizations.

Whatever your reasons for resisting up until now, it is time to let go of these fears and recognize all of the ways women successfully lead every day. Let’s get to work reframing leadership so you can see just how much you already lead in your own life!

Reframing Leadership in Women’s Daily Lives

Leadership doesn’t have to be a hierarchical, top-down structure. It can look like helping out in the community or leading your family or friends through difficult times. Being able to create that space of understanding and support is an important part of leadership. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of leadership women are already practicing in their daily lives.

Leadership in Our Friendships

Women are natural leaders when it comes to friendships. We come together with our friends and create unique bonds and understanding through our shared stories, experiences, and trustworthiness. We are not afraid to have honest conversations with one another, provide support where needed, and be vulnerable when we need help ourselves. Showing empathy and understanding in conversations is a signature of female friendships. We know how important it is for us all to feel seen and heard so we can thrive in our friendships together.

Reframing Leadership - Live Outrageously

Leadership in Our Family Structures & Parenting Roles

Women also lead in family structures and parenting styles every day without batting an eye! Our leadership skills shine through as we make decisions on behalf of all family members while striving for balance between parental roles and household responsibilities. We help our children grow into healthy adults by providing guidance, discipline, love, and understanding at each stage of their development. Women understand how important communicating and building trust are in the growth of families, including setting healthy boundaries and modeling positive behaviors and values. We work hard every day to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met.

Leadership at Our Workplace

At work, women use their leadership skills in collaboration with others on projects or teams that require problem-solving or creative ideas that could bring value back into the company. Women know how important it is to listen deeply, ask questions thoughtfully, provide comfort during difficult times, and stay motivated even when an idea doesn’t pan out as expected. They are expert relationship builders with colleagues and peers, and they also take responsibility for their actions or failings if necessary—owning up instead of blaming others or making excuses for themselves. This type of leadership builds trust with colleagues which can result in more successful collaborations down the road!

Leadership in Our Communities

Finally, women lead in their communities daily by taking on activism, education, and charity roles to advocate for change. Women are often the first to recognize a need in their local area and take action to address it. Whether it is organizing food drives or volunteering at schools—women work hard to make sure everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive.

We know how hard it can be to make a difference and try our best to stay informed on the issues that are important to us. We have conversations with others and use our voices to speak out against injustice or oppression—not just for ourselves but for other marginalized voices as well. Women understand the power of collective action and work together every day to make our communities better for everyone.

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In addition, we are fantastic at supporting women’s businesses and achievements, forming organizations of women who can work together to improve our community. Women are the backbone of personal volunteerism, organizing meal trains for other women in need, childcare and mentoring younger generations of women in our roles.

What about You?

Women have been conditioned not to want to lead but this doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t! All of the above examples demonstrate that you don’t have to be a CEO or in charge of an entire company to lead in your own unique and valuable way. We are not simply submissive, passive creatures that need to wait for others to lead us. We are queens, fighters, wise women, sisters, and more.

Leadership begins with yourself, and empowering yourself to take charge of your own success and progress is essential. Leadership looks different from person to person based on their strengths, but there are plenty of ways women are natural leaders in many areas of life – not just in the workplace but also in their friendships, families, and communities. With so many opportunities available for you to lead, there is no reason to be afraid or shy away from the chance to positively impact those around you.

It’s time for us all to recognize this power within ourselves and start embracing our leadership potential today! Let’s get out there and show how strong female leaders can change the world!

reframing leadership - Live Outrageously

At Live Outrageously, we understand the importance of facing your fears and stepping into your ability to lead. Our P2V2 Women’s Leadership Retreat provides an intimate weekend that not only allows you to relax, recharge, and recalibrate, but it also provides you with new friendships, tools for personal growth, and memories to last a lifetime. I would be honored to have you join our circle of women who lead!

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