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Outrageous Adventures

Isn’t it time for you to see the world?

Join us for a getaway full of personal growth!

Look no further. Join me for Outrageous Adventures for Outrageous Women, my uniquely designed and curated retreats and experiences for creative and adventurous women just like you. I’ll be your guide as we explore our feminine sides in cities like Paris and New Orleans, tap into our inner queendom in castles in the romantic French forest, and more. My retreats are strictly limited, typically to 6-8 participants, allowing for an intimate learning and travel experience.

Live Outrageously retreats are a must for women looking to explore the depths of who they are. Not only are they jam-packed with VIP treatment, but the atmosphere created is safe and beautifully fit to expand your mind and allow you to “be” at the same time. I am looking forward to so many more.

- Live Outrageously
- Dawn P. | Mortgage Underwriter, Pennsylvania

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