Finding the Courage to Cultivate an Authentic Life

Standing out from the “acceptable” crowd takes some courage — that’s for certain — but the rewards of nonconformity far overshadow the costs of hiding your unique genius. Having the courage to truly be a unique woman with a voice today means being gutsy enough to show your authentic self to the world, warts and all. Inarguably, this can feel daunting and formidable, because to truly live life externally as you think and feel internally means exposing your most vulnerable self to the judgment of others. Generally, we tend to safeguard ourselves from others for most of our lives to avoid this, until the moment we realize maybe that isn’t the most evolved way of living.

Each of us is uniquely priceless, so why hide the authentic you?

standing out - Live Outrageously

Envision what it might be like if everyone truly understood you, inside and out… if they knew what stunning things you are capable of and how completely human you are, exactly like them.

There can be a enormous, false comfort in blending in, conforming, and keeping your head down. But you sacrifice ever grasping your true potential and purpose if you are determined to keep from standing out. You also invite restlessness and ennui; when the path is totally predetermined for you by the expectations of other people, there is no great adventure to be had!

Living outrageously and authentically has a ton of perks. Let’s take a look:

  • Greater fulfillment and personal contentedness. Life has deeper significance when it’s 100 percent genuine.
  • Increased charisma and personal magnetism. People will discover you are more intriguing and pay closer attention to you more. Authentic people are captivating to nearly important everyone.
  • Greater willingness to take risks and exercise ingenuity and creativity. Your life will have more vision and you will sustain greater success in every area of your life.
  • Opportunities opening up. By living authentically, you grow the opportunity to change the world the way only YOU can. And regardless of what you contribute, you will surely be remembered for it. Only authentic, unique people can accomplish great feats of creative originality. Phony and unauthentic people do ordinary, safe stuff.

Try these tools to cultivate your originality

standing out - Live Outrageously
  1. Be cognizant of who you are internally. This may require some reflection, particularly if you spend all day working and all night watching TV. Regularly spend quiet time alone considering who you genuinely are and what you believe.
  2. Express yourself openly and use your voice. Share your opinions without continually refereeing yourself, especially when you are asked for them. Allow people to hear what you think without being unkind.
  3. Permit yourself to possess your own style. Whether it’s your taste in music, your career, or simply what to wear let them all be a reflection of your personality.
  4. Avoid fretting about others’ opinions. The earth-shattering secret is that they are likely worried about what YOU think of them. Chances are pretty good that no one really is spending substantial time thinking about or judging you. And there is nothing more appealing to others than someone that moves through the world confidently and without apology.

Just be yourself and let the chips fall where they may. You will be surprised how effortless standing out and being different is once you test it. It’s comparable to being frightened of the dark; there is simply nothing there to fear.

And if other people get “judgy”, remind yourself that their perspective is simply a reflection of where they are in their own journey. Your courageous, bold lifestyle might cause them fear, because it reflects back to them their own constraints and limitations.

Be a role model and beacon of originality to other people!

Consider well-known people like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and others. Can you think of another person who’s anything like any of them?

They are all original humans who weren’t afraid of standing out in a sea of “same-ness”. People who conform can never truly stand out unless they are in exceptional situations. Perhaps you are not the next Albert Einstein, but how will you ever find out if you choose to keep selling insurance all your life even though you want to resign and pursue physics?

Live Outrageously - Standing Out

Being original is about possessing the courage to show your true colors, to speak your truth, and to let the world know who you are and what you value. Standing out in a sea of conformity is not always painless, but it’s well worth it to truly taste the depth and richness of your life.

Grasp ahold of daring to be different! You will grow and evolve in a powerfully fulfilling way and be recognized for your unique contribution to this world.


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