Success Stories

Hear from women who’ve learned to Live Outrageously through 1:1 coaching, the Queen’s Quest Mentoring program, or our Outrageous Retreats. 

You inspired me to soften into my femininity. You have shown me that to be feminine can be a great show of strength. You have shown me a way in life that I didn’t think was possible for me.
Before I started working with Sarah, I lacked confidence and motivation. I believed that the time in my life to have goals and dreams had passed me by, and I lived with incredible regret because of it. Now I have solid, exciting, achievable goals and a new confidence level that I never dreamed possible. Most importantly, I am learning to live an authentic life, the life I want to live, the life I was born to live, the life I want to be remembered for living. I am truly grateful for her nurturing, her guidance and her support.
Director of Account Management, Pennsylvania
If you are thinking about coming to Paris on this trip, I want to tell you right now to just do it. Do it, do it, do it. It may be a stretch, you may think, ‘I don’t know if this is for me.’ I promise you that this will be a life-changing time for you. All I can say is take a chance. Be courageous and just go. It’ll be so worth it.
Stacy Eppel
Marketing Director, Chicago
Working with you has helped me to gain confidence, especially during more challenging situations. With your help, I am able to navigate these situations gracefully and professionally.
Emilia B.
College Student, Orlando
If you are searching for an amazing coach who is invested in your heart and personal development this is the program for you. Queen's Quest has helped me move my dreams from wishing to action. Sarah is an incredible coach who lovingly supports and mentors you in becoming the most magnificent Queen of your life. If you dream of being all you can be and you're not sure how to get there; Sarah holds the key to the castle to guide you on your journey towards self-love and fulfillment. I highly recommend this program.
Shanon L. Quick
Director of Programs, Central PA
These retreats create a sacred, dedicated space and time to focus on the topic/theme which is incredibly precious. Also the sisterhood created and experience is absolutely amazing.
Debbie N.
Marketing Project Manager
The Live Outrageously retreats are great for anyone on the search of themselves. Not only are they chock full of adventures, but you create a bond with your fellow adventurers. I look forward to many more adventures…
Shanna M.
...It was so lovely and refreshing to see all those amazing ladies sharing and growing together in the atmosphere of trust, love and support. It's challenging to create a connection and community on Zoom, but Sarah facilitates it perfectly. Thank you! I am looking forward to the next!
Marzena K.
Yoga Instructor, Pennsylvania
To have sisterhood and other women love us and care for us... I never thought that I would ever experience that. It just was truly, truly the greatest gift to give to myself. We were truly sisters. There were no boundaries between us. We accepted each other for who we are.... we were all one, caring for one another. It was just a beautiful experience... I can't thank Sarah enough for creating this...
Shanon L. Quick
Director of Programs, Central PA
You really took the time to listen to me and see me. You created a very comfortable experience that felt tailored specifically for me. You helped me to straighten out my thoughts, turn them to goals and helped me start creating a plan for myself. You made me feel welcomed, heard and understood.
Tara Masters
Nanny, Pennsylvania
Working with you helped me clarify my values. This helped me understand why I wasn't feeling or operating at my best in my current position-- my situation wasn't providing the things most important to me. In addition, you helped me solidify some specific boundaries that will prevent me from ending up in another situation that's not serving me.
Audrey K.
Educator, Philadelphia
Queen's Quest has helped me find the courage to do for myself what I have been denying. I am doing stuff that makes me happy and stopped making myself small. I get to be a 5'9" dancer and a costume maker. I get to be the queen of my own domain.
Shanna M.
My biggest takeaway was that all sisters in the circle need each other. That we’re all connected. That we’re all creative. That we’re heard by one another & complete.
Jen T.
Live Outrageously retreats are a must for women looking to explore the depths of who they are. Not only are they jam-packed with VIP treatment, but the atmosphere created is safe and beautifully fit to expand your mind and allow you to “be” at the same time. I am looking forward to so many more.
Dawn P.
Mortgage Underwriter, Pennsylvania
If you know the magical, powerful, sensual or healing woman deep within you and you dream of being her but just don’t how to release her from all the negative messages we absorb as women… if you dream of being her and need a queen to light your path forward, Queen’s Quest and the Outrageous retreats are what you need to step forward into your feminine power. Invest in being all you can be and loving who you are. It’s the greatest gift we can give ourselves.
Shanon L. Quick
Director of Programs, Central PA

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