Forgotten feminine power — the gentle “yin” energy that every human needs to be well-balanced and complete — is the key to creating positive and lasting change in our world. My personal vision is to change the world for women and girls so we can leave it a better place for our daughters, granddaughters, and beyond. Yet, all too often, women face issues that prevent us from reaching our full potential. From gender-based violence to unequal access to education and resources, women are unable to take advantage of opportunities. It is up to us–all of us–to take action to create a better world. In doing so, we can make a mark on future generations in ways that will truly make a difference.

The Forgotten Feminine

The power of the feminine has long been forgotten in our society. This issue with forgotten feminine power affects all genders and is pervasive throughout our culture, affecting everything from how we interact with each other to how we view ourselves. To begin to change the world, it’s essential that we reclaim this lost energy and use it for good.

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In the past, societies around the world placed a high value on femininity and celebrated its qualities such as understanding, nurturing, compassion, collaboration and creativity. Women were seen as powerful healers who had an important role in their communities; they provided spiritual guidance and comforted those who were suffering or struggling in some way. Unfortunately, over time these values shifted as patriarchy became more prevalent in cultures around the world. This shift saw women become increasingly marginalized; instead of being respected for their wisdom they were seen as inferior to men (or labeled as witches!) – reinforced by oppressive laws that denied them basic feminine power and rights such as voting or owning land.

Today this marginalization continues through subtle messages about what it means to be masculine (male) versus what it means to be feminine (female). Women are still expected to be quiet, passive, and submissive while men are given more freedom to express their opinions and take charge of situations. This creates an unbalanced dynamic that often leaves women feeling disempowered or unseen; it also has a detrimental effect on society as a whole since the full potencyof feminine power is not being utilized. To create positive change in the world, it’s essential that people of ALL genders unlock and embrace our feminine power so we all can benefit from its potential.

feminine power - Live Outrageously

Unlocking feminine power begins with allowing ourselves to be seen, valued, and respected for all of the gifts that come naturally to us as women. We must learn to trust our intuition and speak our truth, even when we’re scared of the consequences. It means getting honest with ourselves about the masks we’ve been wearing for the benefit of others.

It also involves creating supportive communities where we can share our stories, develop meaningful connections, and empower one another. Finally, it means committing to self-love and balanced feminine and masculine energy so that we have the strength to use our power for good; whether that’s in our own lives or out in the world. When we start to reclaim, recalibrate, and celebrate our power, it’s amazing how much positive change we can create.

The issue with forgotten feminine power has not only impacted women, but it has also had a detrimental effect on men. Many men have been conditioned to believe that their worth only comes from being strong, powerful, and successful; this has led to a lack of balance in their yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energy. When this happens, they are unable to tap into the softer, more vulnerable side of themselves that is essential for emotional growth and connection. By unlocking their feminine power, men can find a healthier balance within themselves and in their relationships as well. As they reconnect with this lost part of themselves, they become more compassionate and understanding, which leads to better communication and deeper connections with those around them.

feminine power - Live Outrageously

Balancing our personal energies also helps to create more balance and harmony in the world, as we learn to appreciate both our masculine and feminine energy and the ways they each help us.

How to Integrate Feminine Power

As we start to reclaim and celebrate our feminine power, it’s also essential that we find practical ways of implementing these changes in everyday life. This could mean speaking out more often at work or trying something new outside of your comfort zone. It could also mean engaging in meaningful conversations with those around you and looking for ways to support and empower each other. Practicing gratitude, getting involved in causes that matter to us, and choosing kindness can all help us to make the changes we want to see in the world. All of these things take effort, but if we remain committed to the process and trust in ourselves, the rewards will be worth it.

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Advocating for Gender Equality

One of the most effective ways to begin creating positive change is by advocating for gender equality. This means understanding how gender bias has impacted the lives of women, both historically and systemically, and then taking steps toward correcting these injustices. We can do this by attending events such as rallies or marches, writing letters or signing petitions, joining organizations that focus on gender equity or feminist issues, or offering support to those whose voices are not being heard. By amplifying female voices and standing together as allies in pursuit of justice, we can make sure that our message is heard loud and clear!

Pushing for Accessibility & Resources

Another key way we can create positive change is by pushing for accessibility and resources for women and girls around the world. This means ensuring that all people have access to healthcare services; economic opportunity; education; legal rights; safe housing; mentorship programs; and more. We can do this through donating time or money toward organizations working on these issues, speaking out in our communities when we see inequalities emerge, or volunteering with local charities that are helping women achieve their goals. By giving back in whatever way we can—whether it’s through advocacy or direct action—we can help create a better world for everyone!

Taking Time To Listen

Finally, it’s important that we take the time to listen—really listen—to each other’s stories without judgment or preconceived notions about what someone else’s experience should be like. This could mean having conversations with friends about their struggles as women in society today; engaging with strangers online about their hopes for a better future; reading books written by female authors about their experiences growing up as part of an oppressed group; attending conferences on topics such as intersectional feminism; or any number of other activities which focus on understanding different perspectives. By listening more intently and empathizing with others’ experiences, we can gain greater insight into what needs fixing in order for all people—regardless of gender identity—to reach their full potential!

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How this Became My Personal Vision

Having breast cancer twice in my life was a wake-up call for me. It forced me to take stock of what mattered most and focus on figuring out my true purpose, passion, and life direction. After all the treatments had been completed, I returned to my corporate project management job. The very first day back in the office, my boss informed me they had eliminated my position while I was out.

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I was reeling and completely blindsided. As someone who had given enormous energy to the company, I could not understand how this had happened. Why was I still on this planet? I was questioning my existence, why I’d so graciously been given even one more day on this earth and what I was supposed to DO. The obvious-to-everyone answers were being a mom to two very special young men and a wife to the most incredible man on the planet. But I knew I had to dig deeper than that because I wasn’t CONTRIBUTING. I was raised by parents with incredible work ethics who taught us to always pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and put food on the table.

But it’s often these moments that are the true gift in our lives… those rare times that a door is closed for us because we don’t belong there anymore and aren’t inclined to leave on our own. After the shock, I realized that my corporate existence was no longer a match for me — that I had been living in an energy-draining place and needed to move forward.

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I began to focus on healing my own self-image and working on unleashing my innate feminine power instead of wasting it elsewhere. And so, my vision emerged: to change the world for women and girls. I had no idea what that was going to look like, but I didn’t want any woman to go through life experiencing toxic workplaces, abusive marriages, or any experiences where they were not encouraged to stand in their power and use their strong, clear voice.

Clarity on Your Personal Vision

It’s important to remember that reclaiming our feminine power is not just about understanding and embracing our strengths, but also tapping into our “why”. Just like I had to ask myself why I was still here, figuring out why you are here and what gifts you have to offer the world can be a powerful motivator.

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When we start to tap into our passion and purpose, that’s when we really start to acknowledge our true self. Passion is what drives us forward; it’s the flame that keeps us inspired and motivated even when the going gets tough. When we are passionate about something, it helps to give us clarity of purpose. Knowing our purpose gives us direction and helps us stay focused on what’s most important. With a clear sense of purpose, we start to see how we can use our feminine power to move toward our vision.

Our values are also essential; they help to shape our vision for the future. Values are what guide us and keep us true to who we are; they provide an internal compass or “North Star” that helps us make aligned decisions. When we know our values, it gives us clarity of direction, vision and action — in other words, how to use our power. With this clear vision, positive change becomes easier to manifest.

When we do this work, it helps us to stay focused to take action in alignment with our deepest desires and truth. It also gives us a clearer understanding of how we can use our unique gifts to make a real difference in the world; whether that’s through creating meaningful relationships, inspiring others or raising awareness about important issues. When we work toward figuring out our vision, it gives greater meaning to our lives and points us toward the legacy we want to have, the footprints we hope to leave on this earth.

In honor of this journey of unlocking feminine power and realizing your individual vision, let’s remember that each of us has the potential and responsibility to make a difference – no matter where we come from or what our circumstances may be. Our feminine power and energy is an incredible force, and it’s time to unleash and awaken it to build a better future for ourselves and generations to come!

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